Working on my VERY FIRST zine. It’s quite strange. Decided to do it mainly cause I was a bit inspired by Artificial Womb, a newish feminist zine in Dundee which I got a little art writing into. That and also the regular forcing of work that the Sketchbook project gave me. So I want to be manageably ambitious. Anyway, I’m still to turn it into an internet readable copy as right now its only for print. more details (and possibly seperate website with duplicated posts to here?) to come. Also more drawing this weekend when I end up scanning them in.

The whole point of the zine is just to make me feel like the art I make isn’t going to waste (which it is).

Here’s a horrible image from first year when I was told to try design (a non-5 year old image for the next post)



More Updates and Outgoings

More work in DRAWINGS under the ARTWORK tab.

More importantly, I’ll be going tomorrow night to a exhibit/fair/artsocial even called Hungry Window in Glasgow. Should be loads of fun and art.

Here’s an image from the recently uploaded


– infact two –


Couple of updates

New installation photos for the AND NEVER ENOUGH project under ARTWORK and updated EXHIBITIONS page.

New drawings scanned in tonight, I will upload and select tomorrow.

Thinking about doing more art writing. Not sure how pretentious that sounds but it’s writing for art so I think as long as keep it lowercase I’ll be safe from being too self-consiousness about it.

Just realised that a couple of my last ones, being similar to this, have no images. Just to say that I am despite appearances updating stuff and doing the odd thing here and there but I always think blogs should almost always have something to look at.

Here’s a drawing from ages a while a while ago



As part of an exhibition which presents the emergence of a new micronation in the Talbot Rice Gallery, my piece of art writitng was selected for the publication “The Ahlandian Writer’s Award”.

I’m told 265 applied and 7 odd were selected so I’m really happy with that!

Links etc. (will probably put the bit of writing up somewhere here or something)

ALSO drawings and updates to come ( < verbal contract)


New drawings in the DRAWING bit over and under ARTWORK tab. INCLUDING the four drawings I got into a zine,  The Grind Issue II. Very happy.

Download the pdf for free here

It’s got loads of work by Scottish artists and writers etc. a good wee read. They also had a physical copy made and used one of my drawings for the front cover and another inside. Ego boosting for sure, nice to feel a part of art again.

I seem to still be making stuff despite my 40hour a week job, I was a bit worried art would fall away (which now seems silly as I love making things). Anyway a few more drawings still to be scanned in and added. Even before the zine submission I had started to think about book-y forms of art and I definately think I’ll get some on the go. Also thinking through a gallery idea so I must still have the desire for gallery exhibits. Havn’t actually been to an exhibit I’ve really enjoyed for a while (bar the RSA of course, but that just felt like visiting pals, I don’t know how contaminated my critical processes was. Good and surreal seeing all the Uni yins)

Hopefully this post will be the first of a sort of regular procedure, but I’ve said that so many times on this blogthing I am pessimisticly optimistic.

Old old old interAction(s)

Ages and ages and ages ago (well, last year) I was involved in a really good project but it’s one of many things I didn’t document or mention much at all. In an effort to encourage sympathy I was in hospital with glandular fever (less dramatic than that sounds) for the final part of it then the degree show was upon me. Anyway luckily my comrade during the project Rachael Disbury did a good job of documenting it so I thought it’s only be fair to reference her website and link all the interAction(s) posts. I want to thank Lada Wilson the curator for involving me in what was a genuinely personal, engaging collaboration that did not dilute either of mine or Rachael’s style or approach to art, which is a credit to the project.

For three weeks me and Rachael were only allowed to communicate through the artwork. A strange and fantastic experience. One of the highlights was attending a mutual friend’s birthday part and consciously trying to ignore each other through a forced blind spot strategy.

Anyway here are the documentation links:

Website Updates

A pile of new images in DRAWINGS and a couple of renovated changes to MURALS [possibly changing to MURALS/INSTALLATIONS]

Starting to build up some illusion of momentum as i try to relearn all the nooks and crannys of this website manipulation malarky.

Still to do:

Update AND NEVER ENOUGH  and THE FUCKISTS MANIFESTO with install photos

Update ABOUT artist statement. [to be further revised]


Anything else I fancy doing.

Also starting to draw a lot more regularly, not just for THE STARS WERE ALIGNED sketchbook project. Even a few ideas for coneptual projects starting to take root but we will see.

Oh – Also maybe looking into producing some DIY style zine-like artist books, or perhaps more professional looking. I have to make sure my love of just making thimgs with basic whatever’s to hand isn’t a default option and more of a considered choice.

Anyway, the wheels of progress are oiled up and even starting to creak and grind rust.