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Wipe your feet on the Format

In an attempt to speed up the image-to-website transfer I’ve tried using just a quick camera photo rather than the scanning process. It’s a lot easier and less mundane which should mean I am more likely to keep up to date with it.

The image quality is obviously pretty awful but it’s just for a wee look rather than scrutiny. I’ll still properly scan drawings which I am submitting to magazines, zines, etc. Basically just trying to treat the blog side of this more casually and have a two tiered image system: the blog photos and the higher quality scans in the ‘DRAWING’ tab.

Anyway here’s the first of them.





Neon Lighting

I was featured in Neon’s Literary Lists which is exciting.

Here’s the link:

Always feels motivating to get some positive feedback.

Retreat and Now Return

I’ve been focussing on writing some wee short stories and a couple of art/non-art projects with friends for the last wee bit and only casual drawing work, hence the lack of onsite action.

However this signals the return. I also have some new stuff still to scan in. I’ve been gutting out all my art, basically dumping masses of drawings. Feels really good. At the start of projects at uni I used to fill my wall with new drawings until there was no space left then pull it all down so I had a fresh huge space to fill. It was always very motivating.

Hopefully this site might bring my creative stuff to be a bit more structured again.


Upcoming: Beyond Inifinity via Edinburgh

I’m doing a performance next week! It feels so long since the last even though I’ve done the odd recital. I still feel more at home performing at events though.

It’s for the launch of the e-zine Hot Tub Astronaut, their website is here:

Details of the event:

Thursday 7th May, 7pm Sneaky Pete’s Edinburgh, £2 entry.

Yip, 7h of May – Voting Day, so come celebrate yer X. Really good wee interview about the event and Hot Tub Astronaut more generally too:

Absent but not absent minded

I promised I would never apologise again for getting behind with updating the website so I won’t. But I have felt guilty, not too guilty though as I’ve still been producing work and drawing and writing and planning, just behind with the documentation.

Anyway, a nice highlighting of my work in a review of the Grind’s anthology:

It still feels weird getting praise off people you don’t know especially public praise.

I suppose I’ll make another promise, which I keep to like the ‘no apologies for no posts’ one.

I promise to scan and upload te load of work I’ve produced between last time and this time.

8 more

I’ve added 8 new bits in DRAWINGS under the ARTWORK tab.

Also I seem to be continuing with this zine idea as I’m making a second. As I hoped they do act as good morale/motivation boosters. I will probably make online-readable versions once I’ve done a 3rd? one. I aiming to at least do one a month and I was thinking maybe the odd special edition. We’ll see, I don’t like to put too much expection on my ideas when I’m still working out how I feel about what is a newish medium to me.

Anyway, a couple of the added drawings:



66 bw